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How To Scan For Stocks

Once it entered into that consolidation, the squeeze pro started to turn red. Indicating that it appears to be a good spot to make a trade. Once it broke out of the consolidation, there were consecutive days of sharp moves upward. It’s a fantastic trade for calls because of how quickly the trend line moved up. The daily range is calculated by taking the difference between the stock’s daily high and daily low. If you are measuring this data over a period of time, you would add up these daily ranges and divide them by the time period.

relative volume

Zacks Investment Research offers financial news, stock market updates and personal finance insights. Their free stock screener includes insights into company fundamentals, the Zacks investment research features, dividends and balance sheets. Black Box Stocks offers a bit of excellence in everything. The Black Box Stocks stock screener is one of the key functionalities.

Due to the lagging nature of averages, those crosses may be more useful as confirmation of a trend than as entry or exit signals. For a trading software as powerful as MarketClub, you may thought the price must be really expensive. It isn't, you can now try out MarketClub for free for 2 weeks. You can setup trade alerts that you can receive in your inbox.

Liquidity is one of the most important components of day trading. Liquidity can be defined as the ease with which you can get in and out of positions in an equity. This is particularly important for momentum traders and scalpers who rely on precise entries and exits. Another excellent scanner functionality is the historical scan results tool, where you can go back in time to see what stocks hit the scanner with the defined criteria. The extensive analysis capabilities can be tested for 14 days with all data, including portfolio analysis, stock and ETF comparison, portfolio management, research reports and dividend screening.

Paid plans with more complete access to TradingView's powerful tools start at $14.95 a month and go up to $59.95. But its real claim to fame is the way it has stacked its screener with many useful tools and features. Its Elite screener is a powerful research tool with access to real-time data, advanced charts, pre-market data, customized filters, and data export capabilities. You can also program stock screeners according to your personal trading strategy, and it will automatically scan the market for stocks that fit your specific criteria. A trader can have all the textbook knowledge of the markets but if they are unable to find setups in real-time they will never profit. Before stock scanners existed traders would trade off a master watch list which they would make by manually going through charts, which you can imagine took a long time.

What are the best stock scranners?

The finds historically accurate trends that have been profitable 80%, 90% or even 100% of the time over the past 5,10,20, or even 30 years. It has a robust stock screener, an arsenal of built-in financial tools, and a cutting-edge news scanner that can scan financial data from the NYSE, NASDAQ, and AMEX. Stock Rover is the first stock screener on our list that has a free component. However, it has plenty of advanced features, and its premium upgrades make it a worthy tool for any serious trader. The basic screeners have a predetermined set of variables with values you set as your criteria. For example, one of the variables on the Finviz basic screener filters stocks by market cap, giving you the option of finding companies that fall below or exceed a certain market capitalization.


You can use an online screener to find stocks that meet those and other criteria. Options are not suitable for all investors as the special risks inherent to options trading may expose investors to potentially rapid and substantial losses. Options trading subject to TD Ameritrade review and approval.

I usually right-click and open the chart in a new window/tab so I can keep the list open in the current browser tab. Hovering your cursor over the Symbol will provide a small pop-up of the chart. This will bring up a list of Industries, or subcategories within the sector. The first few pages are going to have the strongest stocks with the most momentum.

Tips for Building Stock Screeners

We think it’s always better to have live pricing data if you can get it, so we generally recommend our readers to go for Finviz Elite. However, the free version has limited features so you should upgrade to Finviz Elite for the most comprehensive trading experience. Investing in penny stocks is challenging, but the potential payoffs can be enormous. Also, you can program it to scan for exactly what you want.

Premium subscriptions come in three tiers, each with a different set of features and prices. Stock screeners come in all shapes, sizes, and levels of sophistication. If scanners are a new concept, you might not know what to look for when shopping around. BrightScope is a financial information company that primarily helps retirement market-focused asset managers identify, target, and retain clients.


Intraday data delayed at least 15 minutes or per exchange requirements. Min/Max - It is often important to know what the highest or lowest value is for an indicator over a certain time period. The most use case for the min/max functions is a 52-week high/low.

Scan for stocks manually is tedious and will probably take forever. Here are a few software that you can use to scan for profitable stocks. It automatically scans trading volume, technical indicators, and more to find the best momentum plays quickly and efficiently; perfect for fast-paced day trading. As mentioned, these screeners won't necessarily know about news that affects certain companies.

Free Stock Screeners: 7 Options for Investors

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  • However, this is actually not a bad thing as it is always safer to wait for confirmations and it is impossible to get in at the lowest price on every trade for any trader.
  • Yahoo Finance's earnings calendar lists the companies scheduled to release their financial results on any given day.
  • Pro students are able to use the exact same layout I use everyday to find trades.
  • They can signal a coming bullish breakout above an area of resistance after it has been tested several times.

Each week I update the stocks I’m interested in on the Weekly Stock Watchlist. This list shows the stocks that are moving big right now…that are making big moves AFTER the open. The smaller the list, typically the easier it is to find trades. If you try to watch too much, you may end up missing the opportunities when they occur. Focus on trading the stocks at the bottom and top of the list, when sorted by Change from Open. You won't get a lot of bells and whistles with

Excited to start using a scanner to help you in your trading and analysis process? If your trading strategy is solid, all you need to do is pick the right scanner and enter your trading criteria. We can’t possibly list all the features and benefits here … there’s just not enough time or space.

I am not a fan of exotic moving average types, and I tend to stay with simple and exponential moving averages. —To get started with your thinkorswim scan, choose the subset of stocks you'd like to scan from the drop-down list next to the words Scan in. Here, you can see predefined categories as well as all your personal watchlists and Global Industry Classification Standard lists. Using the Advanced Scan Workbench, you can add a wide variety of criteria, whether simple or complex, to your scan.

If a screener's data isn't timely, your search could be meaningless. The big challenge with using screeners is knowing what criteria to use for your search. The hundreds of variables make the possibilities for different combinations nearly endless.

OddsMaker Backtesting and Simulated Trading

This occurs when a bunch of short sellers all cover their positions in a close time period. While a stock’s float is not a great standalone indicator, it can be combined with other indicators to find prime trading setups. For example, you may look for stocks under $10 that are up 20% or more with a float of 10,000,000 or less. Benzinga Pro is great for news trading, while TrendSpider is perfect for technical analysis. Black Box Stock is a good starting point for those uncertain about what assets to trade and what time horizon and strategy to use. You can choose over 650 different selectable metrics, and many involve years of historical data in its Stock Entry Level Plan.

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